• What is Globus Telecom?
  • Globus Telecom is a leading VoIP company specialising in offering its customers international calls at the lowest possible rates to a number of destinations worldwide including India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal. We are able to offer our customers such low rates because of the system we use for our service delivery. We use a system by which calls are transferred from telephone network to the recipient's phone anywhere in the world via the internet and thus we are able to offer a call rate costing next to nothing.
  • How can I make calls?
  • You can make domestic and international calls using our PC application or our Android and iPhone apps. You can make calls in the following two ways:
    » Call via Wi-Fi/ 3G (with internet connection).
    » Call via local number (without internet connection).
    We will provide you with a local number for your international contacts. You will need to pay your phone operator for the local call and Globus Telecom will make a small charge for the international part of the call.
  • Can I use Globus Telecom to make calls to landlines?
  • Yes, you can make calls to landlines and mobiles at the low rates we offer.
  • Can I use your VoIP service if I am in a VoIP restricted country?
  • Yes you can. We have a specially designed VPN enabled Android Dialer for your Android phone that enables you to make calls from a VoIP restricted country. Simply download the application, install it on your phone and start making calls from VoIP restricted countries such as Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Egypt, China, Brail, Jordan, Mexico, Pakistan, North Korea, South Korea and the Caribbean.
  • What payment methods can I use with Globus Telecom?
  • Globus Telecom accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, bank deposits and UKash vouchers.
  • What is my default currency when I make a payment?
  • The default currency is as follows:
    • Pound (£) for UK customers.
    • Euro (€) for customers in Europe.
    • USD ($) for customers in USA.
    • Dollar ($) for customers in all other countries.
  • Why choose Reseller service offered by Globus telecom?
  • With us you only pay the Reseller plan fee and there are no other costs such as those associated with a VoIP network which other companies may charge. You also don’t need to worry about hardware ordering and provisioning, reseller panel, 2nd line support and billing as we take care of it all. To get started you only need to decide on the call rates and price that you want to offer your customers.
  • How does it work?
  • 1. Sign up and create a reseller account.
    2. Once logged into your account, you will have the option to create and manage your customer accounts.
    3. Decide if you want to offer your customers the option to become a reseller too. For any customers who become a reseller, you too will earn money on the traffic generated by their customers.
    4. Create rate lists that you want to offer your customers. By being able to choose the rates you offer, you can decide on the margin of profit you want to make. You can create exceptions and special offers for some destinations.
    5. Choose the calling amount you want to offer your customers and collect money from them.
    6. Fund your reseller account and give your clients their SIP details to call.
    To become a Reseller click here Reseller plans offered by Globus telecom
    Globus Telecom offers 3 types of Reseller plans for our customers wishing to enter the VoIP industry.
  • What is Direct Dial?
  • Globus Telecom will issue you with a local number for the destination your wish to call. By using this local number any calls you make will be charged at local rate.
  • What is Speed Dial?
  • As the name suggests, you can make international calls fats by pressing the number on which your contact has been saved, e.g. 1#.
  • What is Holiday Number?
  • Holiday Number is a roaming local number. This feature allows you to receive your local calls overseas at no extra cost.
  • What is Auto Recharge?
  • The Auto Recharge feature automatically recharges your Globus Telecom account when your credit balance reaches below 3 for the agreed amount.
  • What is Credit Transfer?
  • Credit Transfer feature allows you to transfer credit from your account to that of another Globus Telecom user with ease.
  • What is a Local Access Number?
  • A Local Access Number is a regular landline number that we will issue you for each international destination to enable you to make cheap international calls.
  • Why has Globus Telecom issued the same Local Access Number to my friends and I to make international calls. Has there been a mix up?
  • No there is no mix up. Each destination has one specific Local Access Number we issue to all our customers. We identify our customers by their phone number and charge them for calls made from that number only.
  • What calling options are available with the Globus Telecom Android App?
  • The Globus Telecom android App offers two calling options:
    Calls via WiFi / 3G : If you have access to high speed internet connection then after dialling the number tap on,Call via WiFi/ 3G calling button. The call will be connected through your internet connection.
    Calls via Local Number:If you are in the following countries: Germany, UK, USA, Ireland, Austria or Switzerland, then Globus Telecom will issue you with a local access number for you to use. If you have a free minutes bundle, you can make calls using your Globus Telecom Android App.
  • Why do I need a VPN enabled Android App?
  • VoIP service is restricted in some countries and you need the VPN enabled Android App to make international calls using VoIP service. Some of the countries where VoIP is restricted are: Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Yemen, Egypt, China, Brail, Jordan, Mexico Pakistan, North Korea, South Korea and the Caribbean.
  • How do I make calls with the Globus Telecom iPhone App?
  • To make calls using the Globus Telecom iPhone App, simple follow the steps below:
    • Tap on the ‘Globus Telecom iPhone App’. You will see the one-time Account Settings. Enter your Account Number and Password then ‘Choose the Country’ and then tap on ‘Continue’
    • Dial ‘00’ followed by the country code and then the phone number you wish to call
    • Tap on the desired calling method, ‘Call WiFi/ 3G’ or ‘Call via Local Number’
    • Your call will be connected