Who We Are

Founded in 2003, Globus Telecomhas emerged as a leader in the telecom industry, committed to providing affordable and innovative international calling service to all. As the provider of broad, trustworthy and innovative products and services that are simple, clear and affordable, Globus Telecom has secured the position amongst leaders in the industry, serving over 2 million customers worldwide, offering over 66500 terminations. Globus Telecom is proud to be at the forefront of technological development in the VoIP industry.Our unique reseller's platform enables our resellers to manage their businesses on line by themselves, with little to no support necessary. Globus Telecom reseller products give resellers the opportunity to focus on sales and marketing and avoid expensive technical solutions, purchasing of hardware and software development. Our innovative and simple to use Reseller products and services allow anyone to start their own telecom businessfrom any region of the world,regardless of the size of their company. With experience in the telecom industry spanning over a decade, Globus Telecom has formed a team of profesisonals who have the technical know how and expertise in the telecom industry and are able to offer our customers unparalleled client care services. Globus Telecom is a privately owned German based company combining the best of modern technology, an excellent level of customer care and good old honest business practices and ethics. With a solid financial base, Globus Telecom represents a strong and reliable partner with the capacity to withstand fluctuations in the wholesale telecom industry and offers its partners the security of on time payments and financial stability. In any given month millions of mintues are traded through Globus Telecom servers from resellers world wide. Globus Telecom offers the ultimate technological platform for callmanagement, callrouting and calltermination. GlobusTelecom is an expert in IVR application development and management, billing platform development, web applications as well as security and antifraud solutions with a focus on the wholesale telecom industry. To achieve our aim of providing a high quality client centric service, Globus Telecom employs a number of experts in the technical field as well as specialists in billing, finance and the field of fraud protection. Security and antifraud protection is of the utmost importance at Globus Telecom and through effective measures being put in place, it is one of the one of the reasons for our success in the telecom industry. By working closely with carriers, providers and through continuous development and improvevement of the Traffic Security & Antifraud solution, we are able to effectively avoid the telecom fraud phenomenon and security attacks such as Private-Automatic-Branch-eXchange (PABx) hacking.

What we do

At GlobusTelecom we focus on traffic security and protection of our and our partners business and investments against fraudulent telecom practices, hacking and identity theft. In this day and age of easily accesible forms of technology and with the ever more sophisticated attacks on servers and PABx security, GlobusTelecom recognises the need to be flexible in reacting and adapting to these new threats. Our TrafficSecurity & AntifraudSolution system is on its way to being one of the most sophisticated systems used in the industry. Call flow and telecom traffic is monitored 24/7 by trained antifraud specialists as well as by an automatic antifraud system. With the above security measures in place, Globus Telecom is able to identify and stop any attempt of security breach or fraudulent activity on our products. At Globus Telecom we understand that a client centric approach is paramount to the success of a company within our competitive industry. With meeting customer needs as our priority, we aim to provide an excellent multilingual customer support service that is available 24/7. Should the need arise, the Globus Telecom customer support team may be contacted via telephone, email. SMS, instant messanger or Globus Telcom intranet messaging service. When you contact our customer support team you will be greeted by our well trained and regularly audited support centre crew who will be equiped with the knowledge and expertise to offer you assistance in an efficient and professional manner.

What we believe in

Whether you want to know more about our standard of service or need an individual or special product or technological solution, our sales team is here to help. Our sales team specialists will be able to offer tailored solutions to meet your needs bearing in mind the size of your business. At Globus Telecom we believe that the internet is so far the biggest and also the most important human invention of all times which is only just beginning. We are proud and honored to be able to experience it and be a leader on the internet in our field. Our mission at Globus Telecom is to enable anybody, regardless of the geographic location, nationality or size of their company, to start their own independent business in the telecom industry. The vision of Globus Telecom is to become a portal of the first choice for any professional from the wholesale telecom world in search of a telecom solution of the highest quality with a reliable stable partner. We aim to become the best by working and learning from the best.