Credit Transfer

What is Credit Transfer?

The Credit Transfer feature allows you to transfer credit from your account to that of another Globus Telecom user with ease.

What are the Benefits of Credit Transfer?

How does the Holiday Number Work?

  • Friendly Benefits: Now transfer your credit to your loved ones
  • Reseller Benefits: Now transfer your credit to your customers
    Zero investments required by resellers therefore, risk free
    Manage your customers without a website

Speed Dial

What is Speed Dial?

The Speed Dial feature allows you to make international calls fast by pressing the number on which your contact number has been saved, e.g. 1#

What are the Benefits of Speed Dial?

The speed Dial feature has the following benefits:

  • There is no need to dial the destination number after dialling the access number
  • Unlimited contacts can be saved in Speed Dial

Auto Recharge

What is Auto Recharge?

The Auto Recharge feature automatically recharges your Globus Telecom account when your credit balance reaches below 3 for the agreed amount.

What are the benefits of Benefits of Auto Recharge?

  • How does the Holiday Number Work?
  • You will never need to worry about running out of credit.

Direct Dial

What is Direct Dial?

Globus Telecom will issue you with a local number for the international destination you wish to call. By using this local number any calls you make will be charged at local rate.

What are the benefits of Direct Dial?

Direct Dial has the following benefits:

  • No lengthy dialling process
  • You can save the number in your contacts list for quick access
  • You can add up to 20 phone numbers to the Direct Dial feature

Local Access Number

What is Local Access Number?

A Local Access Number is a regular landline number that we will issue you for each international destination, to enable you to make cheap international calls. When making a call using a Local Access Number, you will be charged for a local call (rate dependant on your calling plan) by your local carrier and for the international part of your call by Globus Telecom. You do not need a Smartphone to use this service.

How do you make calls using the Local Access Number?

  • Dial the Local Access Number which we will provide you
  • You will hear you credit balance
  • Dial "00" followed by the country code and then the phone number you wish to call
  • You will hear the remaining minutes you have to make call to that destination (the amount of minutes remaining will depend on the country you are calling)
  • Your call will be connected within 1 to 2 seconds

We provide Local Access Numbers to following countries

Germany, United Kingdom (UK), Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden.

Free 30 minutes talktime when you Sign Up

We welcome all our new customers by offering them 30 minutes free calls. This is a testament of our confidence in our superior service and we want our customers to experience it free of charge.

Greece 302111984913 Netherlands 31202621785 Spain 34932204037 Portugal 351308805908
Italy 390694804999 Czech Republic 420228882214 UK 442031293381 Denmark 4589887950
Sweden 46844685385 Germany 4930896778764 Switzerland 41435086279 Finland 358942450026
Poland 48223074759 Austria 43720880241 France 33186265310 Belgium 3228084982

Top Voice Clarity

Globus Telecom provides a supreme international telecommunication service that is affordable and user friendly. We promise the finest call quality round the clock.

Holiday Number

What is a Holiday Number and how does it work?

A Holiday number is a a local number for roaming. Once you have set a number to which your calls are to be forwarded, you will be able to receive calls to that number when abroad, without any roaming charges.

To know how to set up a holiday number to your iPhone or Android, please refer to the Feature section under the FAQs.

What are the benefits of Direct Dial?

How does the Holiday Number Work?

  • On your personal phone, set up all incoming calls to be forwarded to the Holiday number
  • We will connect all incoming calls to the international number that you provide
  • You will receive all the calls to that international number at no extra cost