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Great voice quality,Free Services and international calls at low rates.

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World’s lowest rates to all mobiles or landlines.

Available on all major Smartphones

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Cheap International Calls to your Loved ones

Anywhere in the world witout any hassle

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Get Crystal Clear Voice Quality

We are always here for you no matter where you are.

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Getting started with Globus Telecom is fast and simple. Sign Up now for free Calling minutes.

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Apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone8 & PC. For other phones use our local number.

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Now enjoy free calls. Check the quality
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Stay in touch with Family and friends with a simple, easy to use app. Call any phone number
worldwide with rate as starting at 1 cent per minute.



"Due to my nature of business, I have to travel a lot and I came to know about your “Globus Telecom” voice service and once started using the it I am very much surprised with the quality of the calls which is on par with any Global or National Telecom Carrier, but costs only a fraction as compared to their huge charges per minute. Weldon Globus Telecom you really are making me happy to call again and again."

John Doe

"Thanks to “Globus Telecom” I don’t make any more weekly calls to my Parents and friends in USA, instead I call them daily. Virtually you have eliminated the concept of long-distance call and all my calls are like local calls in rates and quality. Now I feel back at home and more close to my Parents and friends."

Jessica Martin

"My husband has opened a “Globus Telecom” account for our home telephone line and we find the calls are of excellent quality with quick and efficient support from them. We have reduced our landline costs and ISD call costs significantly."

John Doe